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Javier Viver

Artist, painter, sculptor and moreover, a creator of religious imagery, a job deeply rooted in Spanish tradition. Perhaps this is why his work can be understood as the conceptual development of this tradition and its relation to contemporary iconoclastic abstraction. He works both in documental photography as well as artistic fiction as a complementary means to make the invisible, visible.

He freely uses different artistic disciplines such as drawing, design, photography, sculpture, or the edition of photobooks with which he composes universal stories, between what’s documented and the unknown. He understands art as a service of communication or rather, of communion.


Eduardo Delgado Orusco

Architect and PhD. in Architecture (UPM Extraordinary Award). Professor of Architectural Projects for more than two decades (Zaragoza, Madrid, Philadelphia, Lisbon, Mendrisio, etc.). As an architect he is the author, among others, of the Strategic Plan of the Beatriz Building (2006-2013, Madrid), of the Extension of the Monastery of La Aguilera (2008-2012, Burgos), of the Gredos San Diego (GSD) schools of Las Rozas and Guadarrama (2007 and 2008, Madrid) and the Lecrác Cultural Center (2005-2011, Palencia). His work has been awarded several times (COAM, XII and XIII BEAU, Madrid 100%, Archizinc, BigMat, etc.) and published (Architecture, AV, On Design, Bauwelt, C3, Future, Passages, etc.). Author of numerous articles and monographs of contemporary art and architecture.

Juan Mazzuchelli

Master’s Degree in Design and Digital Manufacturing (Universidad Europea de Madrid-UEM) – 2017.

Juan has collaborated on business projects related to the digital economy and technological innovation in China, England and Australia. Among other things, he is specialized in the use of new additive manufacturing technologies for industrial and artistic creations using ceramic material. It combines the use of artisanal techniques with the new technologies of prototyping and manufacturing.


Miguel Ángel Serrano

Senior architect graduated from the School of Architecture of Seville in 2012. Professional development with David Chipperfield Architects in Shanghai and London (5 years), Kuehn Malvezzi in Berlin (1 year).

He currently resides and works in Paris in his Design Studio